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There are so many financial options that it may be difficult to know what works best for you, and what will make your money work the hardest. That's why we are here! At East Baton Rouge Teachers' Federal Credit Union, we have a host of financial products and services to help you make the right financial decisions. 

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Saving Accounts


 Whether you are just starting out or you need to supplement your financial planning with an additional account, our Regular Savings or Summer Savings  accounts can provide you with the basic services you need. We also offer Certificates of Deposit for those that want to earn higher interest.

All our savings plans are federally insured for up to $100,000 by the NCUA and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

Regular Savings - With a competitive interest rate, often higher than market rates, this account offers growth and flexibility. You can start your account just by depositing a minimum of $10.00. Best of all, these services are free! By opening this account, you receive:

  •     A variable interest rate;
  •     Quarterly dividend payments compounded on a quarterly basis;
  •     The ability to do bank by mail deposits, direct deposit, and automatic payroll deductions;
  •     Quarterly account statements; 
  •     Life savings share insurance protection.

 Open a Savings Account

 Summer Savings - It is easy to put away money for the summer months with East Baton Rouge Teachers' Summer Savings Plan! Upon joining this plan, we will automatically transfer any specified amount into your Summer Savings Account each pay or direct deposit period.

Certificates of Deposit - We offer fixed rate certificates of deposit that allow your funds to earn high interest

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Checking Accounts

A checking account with East Baton Rouge Teachers' Federal Credit Union offers many

Click Here to open a Checking Account

conveniences, including duplicate checks for easy record keeping and an easy-to-read monthly statement listing all transaction activity. Safer and easier than carrying cash, a checking account gives you easy access to your money in a variety of ways.

Switching your account from a bank to EBRTFCU has never been easier! We have a plan that helps reduce the hassle and stress normally associated with closing one account while opening another. 

Choose from our Regular Checking or Business Checking accounts.*

  • To open a checking account, you must:
  • Be 18 years of age or older, or
  • Be at least 16 years of age with a joint account owner that is 18 or older.

Click here to order checks

You can now reorder your Liberty checks and related products online! Just click on the following image to see how: 

Regular Checking - With no per-check charges or withdrawal fees, this service is absolutely free! You also get easy 24-hour access and free overdraft protection. You can open your account with just a $50 deposit.

Business Checking - Our Business Checking services give you the freedom of an account with only a $100 opening deposit. There are no per-check charges, withdrawal fees, or deposit charges. You also receive easy 24-hour access and free overdraft protection. A $700.00 minimum daily balance is recommended, and fees are only $9.00 per month in the event that the account balance falls below $700.00.

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 Let us help you make your large purchases affordable! We offer Auto Loans, First Mortgage Loans, and Equity Lines to meet your needs. 

 Click here for a loan application  


 Click here for a credit report

Buying a Car?

Auto Loans - A pre-approved auto loan gives you the bargaining power of cash when shopping for your auto. We offer up to 100% financing on new autos and the convenience of payroll deduction. There are no hidden charges and new car cost information is available for free. 

Fuel Economy Guide - The US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have developed the fuel economy web site, The web site contains a Fuel Economy Guide and features updated fuel economy data for new and used passenger vehicles dating back several years.  It allows side-by-side comparisons, and offers fuel saving tips.  The web site also contains vehicle-specific air pollution emissions information and safety ratings.  Click on the link to make a more informed automotive purchase decision.

First Mortgage Loans
- We know that buying a home is a big investment. Take advantage of our money saving features like fixed rate financing over the term of the loan, 100% financing on new purchases, and terms of up to 10 years with no prepayment penalty. Let us help you make your dream a reality!  

Equity Lines - You may qualify for a sizable line of credit based on the equity in your home. An equity line of credit can be used for education, home improvement, bill consolidation, auto financing - anything you like.

You only pay interest on the portion of the credit line that you use, not on the remaining unused balance of the account. Repayment plans can be arranged, and you can continue to add to your equity line up to your approved credit limit. Disability insurance and the convenience of payroll deduction or automatic loan payment is available.

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Convenience Services



 We offer a variety of convenience services, such as Debit/ATM Cards, MARS, Direct Deposit, Automatic Payment, and others, to help us successfully meet your needs.

CUNA, the premier national trade association serving America's credit unions, also offers resources for credit union members. Visit America's Credit Unions for more details.

Debit/ATM Cards - Looks like a credit card, works like a check! The EBRTFCU Check Card is a great way to pay for your purchases out of your checking account without having to write a check. Not only can you present the card anywhere VISA is accepted, you can also use your card at most Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Your available credit depends on the balance in your account. For added protection, we will automatically transfer funds from your savings account or line of credit if you overdraft your account.

Click here to VerifyYou can now protect your VISA card online with a personal password. Click on the following link for more information:


 MARS - Our Member Audio Response System (MARS) is a free telephone inquiry and transaction service. After providing your personal identification number (PIN) and account number, this services gives you immediate and convenient access to your accounts.

Direct Deposit - Have your money be available to you immediately! We will automatically deposit your recurring income items into your savings or loan account.  It's easy, it's simple, and it's a free service!

Examples of direct deposit items include:

  •     Payroll Checks
  •     Retirement Checks
  •     Social Security Checks
  •     Disability Payments
  •     Dividend Checks
  •     Government Checks

Automatic Payment

Other Services - We offer a variety of other services, such as travelers cheques and money orders, discounted theme park tickets, and IRAs to meet your needs.

- Free yourself from having to write checks to the same vendors every month. With our automatic payments service, you can have various recurring payments, such as utility, phone and cable bills, automatically drafted from your checking account. 

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Special Clubs



We know how hard it can be to save money throughout the year. Join our Christmas Club, Vacation Club, or Kids Club and let us help you save for those special events.

Christmas Club - It's not always easy to save money for the holidays. By opening a Christmas Club account, you will have extra Christmas cash just waiting for you - you won't have to use credit! We will transfer your specified amount into your account every automatic payment period. There is no need to renew because your account will automatically start saving the following year.

Vacation Club - Ensure your vacation will be a memorable one! By opening a Vacation Club account, you will have extra vacation cash just waiting for you - you won't have to use credit! We will transfer your specified amount into your account every automatic payment period. There is no need to renew because your account will automatically start saving the following year.


Kid's Club - This club is a special savings account to help kids 12 and under learn that saving money is not only important, but it can also be fun! The account can be opened with as little as $10.00. We also hold drawings throughout the year, including the chance to win special prizes.

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