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At East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union, customers are our most important asset; keeping their trust and confidences is vital to our success. Our customers typically use a wide variety of financial products and services, so we are pleased to provide everything from basic financial products, such as checking, savings and loans, to insurance, investments, and other services.

In order for us to deliver these products and services to you, it is critical that we use technology to manage and acquire accurate customer information.  The financial industry, like so many others, is rapidly being shaped by technology, literally changing the way business is conducted each day.  Success in this new environment requires that our customers are confident that we will manage their financial information confidentially and discreetly.

East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union understands how important privacy and confidentiality are to you.  That is why we are committed to providing the highest level of security to ensure that any information that may be collected about you is safeguarded.



East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union and its subsidiaries (collectively the “East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union”) recognize that customers expect privacy and security regarding all personal and financial business.  Standards and procedures are in place to ensure the protection of any sensitive information provided to us.


In the course of doing business, we collect, maintain and use various types of information.  We use this information to service your accounts quickly and efficiently and provide you with a full rage of quality financial products and services to meet your needs.  We also collect, retain and use information about you to assess and manage risk, to comply with legal requirements and where we believe it is helpful to conduct or business.  The information we collect comes from the following sources:


      Applications, requests, or other forms or communications.

      Transactions with the East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union and with others outside the East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union.

      Information we receive from consumer reporting agencies or specialized databases.



We may disclose nonpublic, personal information about you to the following types of third parties:


      Financial services providers such as those that provide mortgage, securities, credit card and insurance services;

      Non-financial companies, such as retailers, direct marketers, airlines, and publishers;

      Others, such as non-profit organizations.

 We may disclosure all of the information we collect, as described above, to companies that perform market services on our behalf or to other financial institutions with whom we have joint marketing agreements.  We may also disclose information about you under other circumstances, as permitted or required by law.

Outside Companies

To assist us in offering you a complete range of products and financial services, we may occasionally share information with outside companies which provide financial products and services such as credit cards, credit-related and other insurance, and securities clearing brokerage and with companies which provide non-financial products and services such as check-printing and data processing.  These companies act on our behalf and are obligated to keep the information confidential.

We also may provide limited, identifying information, such as name, address and telephone number, to outside companies that offer products and services not offered by; the East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union.  In these cases, we believe the products and services offered are likely to provide real value to our customers, and we provide only the minimum information needed to offer you the product or service.  We require these outside companies to keep the information confidential, use it only for purposes authorized by us and not share it with any other party.

 We may also share information with outside entities when necessary in connection with a transaction that your request or authorize, to protect you against fraud and unauthorized transactions, to comply with subpoenas and court orders, and when otherwise required or permitted by law.  Certain information, such as trust and fiduciary information, is subject to very strict limitations regarding the sharing of information, both internally and externally.



We recognize that some individuals might not place a high value on the benefits that flow to them from sharing the information we collect.  We respect that, and we want you to have a choice.  Therefore, except for that information which we may be permitted or required by law to share, you may request that we not disclose nonpublic information about you to non-affiliated third parties.


Opting-Out Procedures

If you prefer that we not disclose nonpublic, personal information about you to certain parties that are not affiliated with East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union, you may “opt out” of these disclosures, that is, you may direct us not to make those disclosures. This “opt out” will not apply to certain necessary disclosures that are permitted by law (such as transaction processing), but will apply to non-essential disclosures to other companies with which we have joint marketing agreements (such as insurance and investment companies). If you wish to opt out of these non-essential disclosures, you may select one of the following methods to exercise this right:


      Call us at (225) 355-8896.

      Mail a letter stating you would like to opt out, including your name and account, to:

            East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union

            4836 Plank Road

            Baton Rouge, LA  70805


      Email us at

Joint Accounts

If you obtain any of our products or services jointly with one or more other individuals, your opt-out decision also will apply to each of those other individuals.

Underlying the East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union Policy is the idea that you can count on each of the East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Unions to protect the privacy and security of your information while providing you with the finest financial products and services available.  We safeguard information according to established security standards, procedures, laws and regulations and we continually assess new technology for protecting information.  Our employees are trained to understand and comply with these information privacy principles.  The East Baton Rouge Teachers’ Federal Credit Union name has been a trusted symbol of quality and confidence since 1951, and we are committed to continuing our proud tradition and earning your trust every day.



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